Monday, July 5, 2010

Ni Hao

Hello, or in Chinese, Ni Hao!

Custom, homemade birthday cakes are a tradition in our family. Every year my kids tell me what kind of cake they want.....they have asked for a variety of characters and scenarios, including;

Elmo cupcakes
Rolly Polly Olly Cake
A volcano WITH lava and dinasaurs cake
A spider-man-traversing-a-city cake
Bakugan cake and cake balls
Pokemon cupcakes
Dora cake
Cinderella and Belle cakes
Snowy blue cupcakes

and I always do my best to fulfill the order with something that at least resembles the request.

This year, Little One asked for Kai Lan cupcakes....Kai Lan is a cartoon character, sort of a Japanese version of Dora....and she has a show, "Ni Hao Kai Lan"

So, keeping with tradition, I set out to make Kai Lan cupcakes, and it went something like this....

Thank goodness pleasing a preschooler is so easy!

Have you made any fun cakes for your kids? Id love to hear about them, and if you have pictures, please post!


  1. Cute cupcakes, but "ni hao" is chinese, not Japanese ;)

  2. Oh...thanks Annalene...Ill go fix my (uncultured) mistake :)

  3. super cute! I've done elmo cupcakes too. this year sonny boy wanted a car i squoooshed hotwheels on top! :D


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