Saturday, July 10, 2010

Decorative Plating

If you watch Top Chef and similar food shows, you know that presentation is a big part of the meal. Today Im going to show you just a few of the pretty ways to decorate a dessert plate.

Im going to use our Dove Raspberry and Mango Dessert Sauces. These come with a plastic bottle, making plate designs easy to make.

To make a simple, but beautiful border, make dots around the edge of a plate, equal distance apart. You can do all one color, or use alternating colors to coordinate with your event (school pride! Fight On USC Trojans!)

Now, take a knife or similar pointed utensil, and drag it from one dot to the next. You will probably need to go around more than once. Dont be nervous, just drag it around, and around, and around. As the dots begin to run together they make a nice frame for your dessert. You can also see how dragging through a dot can look like a many great ways you can accent your special treats!

This next creation looks more like a start by making the circles, with a large dot in the center. Draw your knife outward, in several equi-distant points on the web.

Now pull your knife towards the center, going between the lines that pulled outward, and it adds a new dimension.

Imagine taking a fudgy brownie or chocolate cake and laying it atop that web, garnished with some rasberries and sprinkled with powdered sugar, perfect!

A final design, is this sweet flower.

At first glance, someone dropped an egg!!!

But begin to pull through the sauce, alternating directions, and you have a pretty poppy. When entertaining at a shower or ladies event, you can put a slice of angel food cake aside the flower, and garnish with fruit...simply beautiful.

I hope these ideas get you thinking about more ways to enhance the presentation of your desserts.

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  1. Does the sauce design get stiff so it can be moved? Or even made on wax paper and then transfered to the top of a cupcake or something?


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