Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is such a warm holiday. Fall colors, cornucopias brimming with goods from the harvest, and the fragrance of warm pumpkin pies. It really is a time for remembering what matters most, and appreciating the basics of family, friends, and food.

One of my favorite tablescapes involves mini pumpkins and gourds. I love this idea, because it's colorful, festive and EASY.

You can use gourds and mini-pumpkins of all sizes and colors......Im keeping it simple this Thanksgiving and using just mini-pumpkins.

You want to cut a hole big enough to fit a candle...but not too big, it's nice if the candle fits snugly. The hole doesnt have to look nice, you just want to get the candle in.

Im using plain white votives, but you can use candles of all sizes...candlesticks, votives,...mix and match warm colors.

Place your gourds and pumpkins on a serving tray or platter....add additional garnishment if you would like, fall leaves, colored beads, use your imagination.

Im keeping mine simple, on a cream colored cake platter.....

Once the candles start burning, the wax will start to flow out of them (so make sure you are using a heat safe platter). Some will burn quicker and it starts to look so beautiful when the candles end up at different heights....especially so when using different gourds and a variety of candle sizes and colors.

This is an inexpensive, quick way to add a festive feel to your holiday table.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disney Chocolate Treats

Disney is known for fun, excitement and of course, the Disney
Chocolate Shoppe is filled with lots of delicious ideas.

Everyone loves the goodies they are making...just look at the crowd, gathered around to watch the Disney Chocolatiers work their magic:

If you have been reading my blog, you know that the key to amazing chocolate creations is TEMPERING - the process that allows you to dip and mold chocolate. So, of course, the Disney Chocolatiers are using their giant tempering machine....

And once you temper your chocolate, the sky is the are some fun apples, marshmallow pops and pretzels, all done up Disney Style.....

Ill post more soon....including the prices of these about a great business!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

News Flash

What a treat to see my chocolate party featured in the Orange County Register :) I want to invite everyone to "like" my facebook page: Kim's Dove Facebook Page

OC Register article

Let me know if you are interested in having a fun chocolate tasting party.....also, Im looking for gals and guys to join my Dove team. Let me know if you are interested.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

S'More Pops

I cant believe it's been since before Christmas since Ive posted. My kitchen is still in transition, actually our floors are gonna have to all be pulled up again, and replaced....(sigh) it has hampered my baking fun.

Some of you may have noticed that my latest craze is Marshmallow Pops! Cake pops are fun, but as a busy mom, I dont always have time to back the cake, add the frosting, roll the cake know, much easier to just pop a marshmallow on a stick, dont ya think?

My friend Gina told me about a new Marshmallow Pop idea...a S'More Pop. I signed up to bring a dessert to the Boy Scout's Blue and Gold party, and so since Boy Scouts love to camp, this S'More Pop seemed the perfect treat.

You start out with a large marshmallow, on a candy stick:

Then, in typical Boy Scout style, roast your marshmallow:

It's up to you how toasty you want to make them:

Place marshmallows on parchment paper, so that they can firm up. I was able to make these 50 in just minutes:

Graham crackers are easily crunched up:

Since these were for the Boy Scouts Blue and Gold party, I thought it would be fun to add some blue sprinkles. You can add any color to make them more festive, or just use the plain graham crackers:

Dip the marshmallow into TEMPERED chocolate:

Now, you'll remember from past posts, that tempering is the process that allows the chocolate to harden up. This pop will not be messy. The chocolate will be solid, making it easy to put these into cello bags or pass out without a mess.

I use my Rev 1 tempering unit, it's the size of a shoe box, and is quick and easy to use. If you are intersted in learning more about tempering, I have other videos and step-by-step pics in my archives. It's the most fun and creative dessert tool ever, I love it!!

Dip the pop into the graham crackers, covering all the chocolate:

This is not a frilly, girly-girl pop. It's got that masculine, "I live in the wilderness and eat S'mores" kind of look, but I promise, it's super delicious!

My favorite way to serve "pops" is in a basket or container, filled with floral foam, and then covered with plastic/foil and sometimes covered with other decorative filling. It makes them easy to transport and you can have fun with the presentation:

Im looking forward to making all kinds of marshmallow pops this Spring....bunnies, lambs, so much creative fun - and easy!! What are you going to be making??

If you dont already, "like" my facebook page; Kim's Chocolatier page on Facebook and feel free to post pics of your creative desserts.

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