Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is such a warm holiday. Fall colors, cornucopias brimming with goods from the harvest, and the fragrance of warm pumpkin pies. It really is a time for remembering what matters most, and appreciating the basics of family, friends, and food.

One of my favorite tablescapes involves mini pumpkins and gourds. I love this idea, because it's colorful, festive and EASY.

You can use gourds and mini-pumpkins of all sizes and colors......Im keeping it simple this Thanksgiving and using just mini-pumpkins.

You want to cut a hole big enough to fit a candle...but not too big, it's nice if the candle fits snugly. The hole doesnt have to look nice, you just want to get the candle in.

Im using plain white votives, but you can use candles of all sizes...candlesticks, votives,...mix and match warm colors.

Place your gourds and pumpkins on a serving tray or platter....add additional garnishment if you would like, fall leaves, colored beads, use your imagination.

Im keeping mine simple, on a cream colored cake platter.....

Once the candles start burning, the wax will start to flow out of them (so make sure you are using a heat safe platter). Some will burn quicker and it starts to look so beautiful when the candles end up at different heights....especially so when using different gourds and a variety of candle sizes and colors.

This is an inexpensive, quick way to add a festive feel to your holiday table.

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