Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disney Chocolate Treats

Disney is known for fun, excitement and of course, the Disney
Chocolate Shoppe is filled with lots of delicious ideas.

Everyone loves the goodies they are making...just look at the crowd, gathered around to watch the Disney Chocolatiers work their magic:

If you have been reading my blog, you know that the key to amazing chocolate creations is TEMPERING - the process that allows you to dip and mold chocolate. So, of course, the Disney Chocolatiers are using their giant tempering machine....

And once you temper your chocolate, the sky is the are some fun apples, marshmallow pops and pretzels, all done up Disney Style.....

Ill post more soon....including the prices of these about a great business!!


  1. I would like one of those apples!
    Someone sent us 2 for Christmas and they were INSANELY priced but the most delicious things ever! Seriously SO good!

  2. Elise got the rainbow one...and Christine and I helped her eat the outside off. :)


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