Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips and Bark

I wanted to post another favorite chocolte perfect for the men in your life, but admittedly, EVERYONE will love them!

You can use whatever type of chips you want; tortilla, potato, even fritos!

Im using plain potato chips, dipped into Dove Dark Chocolate.

I start by tempering the chocolate (remember, this process allows it to harden up nicely, without adding a bunch of animal you can enjoy the premium chocolate.)

Then, just dip the chip!

Lay chips on parchment paper to harden. You can make a nice platter of chocolate covered chips, pretzels, bacon....all the manly snacks!

My favorite part, is when you are all out of potato chips, take those crumbs at the bottom of the bag, and dump them all into the tempering unit...YES!! Just dump the crumbs into that chocolate!

Now...mix it around, covering all the chips and crumbs....and spread it onto parchment paper. This is a potato chip bark, so make it thick, not thin.

When this hardens, you will not believe the deliciousness of this silky, crunchy, sweet and salty treat.

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  1. oooo...sinfully delicious!!! :)Thanks ever so much. Doreen


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