Monday, July 5, 2010

The best manicure.....a giveaway!

Every now and again, I find something so fabulous, I just must share it with you, my friends.

Months ago, I went to my favorite nail salon, Nails by Holly.

Now, I want to take a minute to tell you about Holly....she and her sister Connie emigrated to the US from Viet Nam when they were in high school, and she is a living example of the American dream! She has started her own successful business, which not only provides for herself, but for the many women she employs. I love that!!

I dont typically get manicures, in fact, since getting busy with kids, I really dont have time to keep up with my's just something that got sacrificed in my mommy world, and that is ok, but ya know, a manicure every blue moon is a good thing.

So, I went in and the sweetest gal, Connie, suggests I try GEL nail polish. She promises that it wont chip as quickly. Well, that sounds like a plus, so I go for it.

Guess what? my nails that are used to being banged up and abused, didnt chip for FIVE WEEKS. And in that time, my nails grew! I almost felt like my pre-kid self with healthy nails.

The greatest thing about gel polish, is that it doesnt ruin your own nails! It's simply a gel that is painted onto your own nails.

I highly recommend that you try gel polish, and if you are local....go to Nails by Holly. They have always been a step above, providing quality services....they scrub more, massage more, and the girls are really nice. Ask for Connie, she is amazing!! ...and, tell her you read about her on my blog.

Nails by Holly
27660 Marguerite Pkwy #C
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
(949) 364-5009

Now....because I love you, and because Holly is generous, I have a special giveaway for my local friends;

A Nails by Holly gift certificate; $30 value...enough for a spa manicure and pedicure, gel nails...however you choose to pamper yourself!

All you need to do to enter; become a "follower" of my blog and post a comment!

This contest will end Thursday, July 8 @ 5pm PST, and the winner will be posted. Winner must contact me by Friday, July 9 @ 5pm PST and make arrangements to get the gift certificate (pick it up at my house or at the Nails by Holly Salon)

Im excited to share this fun find with you - Good Luck!!


  1. Girl, I saw your nails and commented on them just before you left for your Disney cruise. Remember!? They are fabulous and I NEED FABULOUS! Love Holly Nails. Count me in! I am already a "Follower" of your blog, btw. xoxo,kj

  2. I love getting my nails done, but never to b.c my nail polish chips so easily. I need some gel nail polish. =)

  3. Gel polish? What is that? I need some. I'm a polish junkie, and gel sounds like it could be my new flix.

  4. wow! i'd love to try this out! i can't remember the last time my nails looked good for more than A DAY. ;)
    i'm a follower via blogger!


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