Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Chocolate Treats

Im doing a Women's Boutique this week, and between Easter and the tempering unit sale, I thought it would be nice to whip up some goodies to show off.

I would like you to keep in mind, that I made all of this with one tempering unit....and used two types of chocolate. That meant, it took twice as long....and still, I made all of these goodies in less than 90 minutes;

Pretty white chocolate medallions, with dark chocolate swirl...

I made a think bark, and then used cookie cutters to cut out this picture there is one larger disc with 2 smaller ones (one laying against the large one.) These would be an elegant accent on top of a cupcake.

These green curls are made of white chocolate, and were decorated with a green "grass", cocoa butter transfer sheet.

These curls can be made longer, shorter, thinner, thicker, depending on how you score the chocolate. Imagine these atop your Easter cake, along with truffle eggs or jelly beans. And with so many pretty spring designs, it will make your entertaining table look fabulous!

I LOVE these! White chocolate tulip cups....took seconds to make!

Im making them for Easter brunch, just not sure if Im serving chocolate mousse or fresh berries inside.

Dove Dark Chocolate candies with the blue floral transfer design.

I make these candies often, I can make 75 at once....less than an hour, with a variety of designs. And, for those super special occasions, Ill fill them; irish cream truffle, raspberry sauce, or peanut butter!

My new favorite treat! Mini ice cream cones, filled with marshmallow and covered in white chocolate. No melting here!

We made these covered with dark chocolate and pink, heart sprinkles for Valentine's many ways to serve up this adorable goodie!

Are you buying chocolate animals for Easter baskets? Im making my own.....lambs, chicks, bunnies....

So many of you have emailed me this week, wanting to know how to create your own creative sweets. The sky is the limit with tempered chocolate....feel free to contact me with questions or ideas.



  1. Oh Hello! I'm so glad I followed you over here from your comment on PW today!
    I'm obsessed with chocolate art, but have set it aside since discovering Photoshop.
    Not having seen your entire blog, I'll just ask...Have you tried stamping (with a rubber stamp)using cocoa butter as ink?
    I mean stamping onto either a sheet of chocolate or fondant.
    Sorry to ask, if you've already gone over this in an earlier post.

  2. Hi HeidiRose,

    I dont know if it's the same thing, but I use two different types of "design transfers." One type has cocoa butter designs on it that transfers to the chocolate (flowers, hearts, checkers, pumpkins, wedding bells, or the "grass" shown)...and the other type is a texture that will leave an imprint. In the current post, I have taken the textured transfer and used it for a 2-tone look (swirl) but you can use it to just leave that swirl imprint on your chocolate. I have a few different texture designs that I use.

    If stamping is something different...please tell us about it :)

  3. I haven't tried the rubber stamping, was hoping someone else had.
    Wondering if it would be better to stamp on acetate then flood with chocolate background, or if the detail would be lost.
    Or if the rubber stamp would even release the cocoa butter "ink"
    Cocoa butter has been in fridge over 2 years...just waiting.
    Only one way to find out - get in there and try!
    Thanks for your v. prompt reply!!

  4. Baa baa black sheep!

    Are you sending me a tempering machine?

  5. Grandma....the tempering unit sale ends Wed. If you send me your cc # (mc or visa) I can order you one and it will shipped directly to you promptly. It also comes with 2.5 pounds of chocolate and cocoa butter design sheets. :)

  6. I'm rather new to the world of chocolate decorating, but these look beautiful. I just had my first (relatively successful) experience with transfer sheets. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  7. Your chocolates are beautiful! I have never worked with transfer sheets, but it's on my list!



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