Saturday, March 27, 2010

chocolate accents

I am making some fun chocolate accents today...will post pics soon.

In the meantime, the sale on the tempering unit ends March 31. Several of you had called here are the answers to FAQ.

1. The tempering unit is used to harden real chocolate. There are "wafers" and "candy coatings" that will harden up, but if you want REAL chocolate to harden up (chocolate covered goodies, candies, bark, etc.) you need to temper (precisely cool and heat) the chocolate.

2. This unit is made by Chocovision, and comes with a 1 year warranty. You can google the Chocovision Rev1 and see that they normally retail for at least $429.

3. You can contact me to order the machine, the $154 cost includes; 1 pound white Dove chocolate, 1.5 pounds milk OR dark Dove chocolate (your choice), and 3 spring cocoa butter design sheets. This will all be shipped directly to you.

4. You can contact me directly at 949-584-7577 or at

While you are waiting for my new pics....browse through some of the fun things we have made at my classes in the re located in the blog archives.


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