Monday, March 16, 2009

My first baking class

This past week, I had my first monthly baking class, and boy did we have fun!

When I do Dove™ Chocolate Tasting parties, the guests get to see new entertaining ideas, I show them fun recipes, and they sample a variety of delicious treats...but we dont get to actually make the decadent desserts. So many women asked me if I would start a class so they could learn to make these goodies...and that is how my class was born.

I have done classes for kids, mostly Girl Scout troops....usually making decorated, designer chocolate bark, and again, so many of their mommies wanted a class for themselves.

For my first class, I taught the gals how to make 3D, hollow Easter animals. I made one at the Mars™ Chocolate School, and wanted to share this fun activity with others. I didnt take pictures (thanks to leaving our camera at the American Girl Store) but here is an example of what we made:

With my handy tempering machine, we made bunnies, lambs and chicks. AND, all with Dove™ chocolate (no waxy, immitation chocolate for us!)

How fun to make your own yummy animals to fill the Easter baskets of your loved ones, or just to give to your teachers, coaches, etc. to say, "Happy Easter".

The gals are all excited for future classes and even helped me pick out what our next projects will be; chocolate mousse cups, molten lava cake, white chocolate tiramisu, decorated strawberries and more! Stay tuned, as hopefully I will have step by step instructions with pictures :)

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