Friday, March 13, 2009

Dove™ comes to California

Tonight was one of those special nights, where I am reminded of the great opportunity I have been given.

I just returned home from dinner with Betty Palm, President of Dove Chocolate Discoveries™. Myself and two other Chocolatiers enjoyed her company, as we discussed our training event for tomorrow.

Since Dove Chocolate Discoveries™ is so new, the Chocolatiers are eager for new ideas, training, and just a chance to get together to share our enthusiasm about this amazing business.

I will be doing a presentation on, "Dainty and Decadent" desserts, as well as discussing recruiting. Im so excited! I love what I do, and cant wait to share my passion with our Dove® Chocolatiers and their guests.

Im also excited that tonight, Betty gave me the green light to blog about Chocolate. I have wanted to share so much about this fun adventure, and now will be able to post pictures, recipes and entertaining ideas with all of you.

Deliciously yours,


  1. Very nice site. Can you list the different chocolate products on your side bar? Or, perhaps a picture with a link to your online ordering if you can? I would love to juse molding chocolate that was of a higher grade.

  2. Ill put some links up. We dont use molding chocolate...but you can temper chocolate which will make it harden up perfectly. Ill show some pics of the things I can make with it.

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