Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lego pops - baking free!

My son celebrated his 10th birthday this week, and it put me in a bind, as our kitchen is currently under repair (slab leak, ACK!)

I usually bake whatever my kids want....we've had Rolly Polly Ollie, Dora, Princess, and Elmo cakes, and even Bokugan cake pops.....but without my kitchen, I was really stretched for what to make.

Andrew loves Lego's, and wanted lego cupcakes to share with his friends at school. Since this wasnt possible, I opted for marshmallow pops, with a Lego theme.

He was set on me making all the different faces, but to be honest, Ive yet to find a good pen for writing on desserts....the one I had barely let me put the basic face on....if you know of a good brand of pens, please share!

Here the little guy is looking happy, simple, but happy.

The greatest thing about this treat is that there was no baking. I plugged in my happy tempering unit, and didnt even need a kitchen.

Remember, that when coloring white chocolate, DO NOT use a water based color, but an OIL based color. The Wilton water (gel) and oil based come in identical packaging, except for the make sure to double check. Water will cause the chocolate to seize; getting all clumpy and unusable.

I started by putting the marshmallow on the stick.

I used Smarties to create the Lego snap

I secured the candies in place with the chocolate, before coating the marshmallow.

To coat the marshmallow, I DO NOT dip. I get a spoon or small rubber spatula and scoop up some chocolate. I then put the marshmallow onto the spoon, and move it around til fully coated. You can use the spatula to spread in the hard to reach places and make sure everything is fairly smooth.

The result, a plain friend. If I had a good pen, I could have created a host of expressions and characters.....but alas, it was not to be....but at least everyone was happy.

Another way to make these treats fun, is in the final display. Because the chocolate is tempered, you can put these in treat bags, and they will NOT smear....this is perfect for making individual treats to be given away for parties.

For my son's birthday, I placed them inside a decorative container....

Now, remember, any container will do...I have used baskets, pails, etc. for other pops....this time, I used one of the plastic bins that they use to keep their toys organized. (remember, no kitchen access leads to heightened creativity)

As usual, I filled the container with floral foam, and then covered it...this time with foil. Each pop can be inserted into the foil covered foam...both when drying the chocolate, and afterward for the presentation.

Once the Lego pops were complete, I put them in their spot, and then added Lego pieces to cover up the foil and add to the theme.

Happy 10th Birthday Andrew!!!

note: I am sorry the pics are so small, I tried to make them larger with no luck....


  1. Love it! A happy holiday shopping season to you and your blog readers.

  2. Hi just stumbled in, great blog. I have a brush/pen that I bought from an art supply shop, I put ink in it, but just wondered if it was worth trying to put food colour in one to draw your faces etc.....


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