Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's treats with the kids

Our awesome Dove chefs came up with some adorable new chocolate treats, and I was eager to get home and make them with my kiddos.

They are these cutie patootie ice cream cones!

Dont you just love them????

You start off with some mini cones....this brand is the perfect size.....

Use giant marshmallows, they fit perfectly inside

My daughter is, "Star of the Week"...which means she gets to bring the class frog home for some good times. He helped her put the marshmallows in the cones.

I tempered Dove Dark chocolate in my tempering unit. Tempering the chocolate means it will harden up, nice and crisp, with a pretty shine. By the way, the tempering units are going on SUPER SPECIAL in March.....if you are interested, let me know, this will be the lowest price EVER, lower than our previous wholesale cost.

But back to the treats....

I dip the marshmallow into the chocolate....

Because it's Valentine's Day, I will top them off with some pink and white hearts....

Just a few sprinkled on top....

Beauty and her frog are so proud of their creation!


  1. Those are cute and look super easy to make.

  2. that's a great idea!!! I bet her class will love them!!

  3. I work with DOVE Chocolate and love this idea!! I'm sure she will be the most popular girl in school! Since you are such an important fan, I wanted to tell you about the Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Promises. They are silky smooth and are available at any mass food or drug store. Perfect for an after school snack!

    For the latest and greatest from the brand be sure to visit us at or on Twitter at

    The DOVE Chocolate Team

  4. Thanks Jessica,

    I sell Dove Chocolate Discoveries...we have peanut butter baking bits, YUMMM!! We have a variety of Dove products that cant be found in stores, my catalog is on my website:


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