Monday, May 18, 2009

White Chocolate Tiramisu

Hellloooo Chocolate Friends,

At our last baking class, we made White Chocolate Tiramisu. This is a recipe from our Dove Chocolate Discoveries Entertaining Guide. I had tried it at our President's Leadership Conference in February, and LOVED it. Im not a big fan of white chocolate, but this is the perfect combination of deliciousness.

The recipe calls for more than a few ingredients, which may seem intimidating, but you'll soon see that this is simple! Our class made this in less than 30, it's really a do-able dessert for everyone!

First of all, you know this dessert is going to be fantastic, because it involves, "Lady Fingers", I dont know about you, but Lady Fingers sounds very high class to me. First of all, it's a dessert for a "Lady"...not a girl, or a kid, but a high falootin' Lady! The fingers....I dont know what to do about anyways....

This recipe has 3 steps that then get added together.

First, the milk is put on the stove, and heated on low. You will keep it there, warming up, while you do the other steps.

Now whisk together the granulated sugar with the marscapone cheese. This will make a yummy, creamy mixture.

Take the white chocolate, and finely chop it up. Leave it in a bowl to the side for now, it will be added later.

In it's own bowl, whip the whipping cream with the vanilla.

Now, your milk should be getting little bubbles around the edges, like this....can you see the tiny bubbles??

Now, pour the hot milk onto the chopped white chocolate. Whisk until completely melted.

So, to recap, we have 3 bowls;
1. has the milk and white chocolate all melted together
2. has the marscapone cheese and sugar whisked together
3. has the whipping cream and vanilla whipped together.

Whisk the chocolate mixture into the marscapone cheese mixture

Then, fold the whipped cream mixture into the chocolate/marscapone. Folding should be done gently, you dont want to "mix" or "beat". (arent you glad this is educational?)

Now that you have all that yummy richness combined, set it to the side.

In a shallow dish, combine espresso (I dont have coffee at home, so just bought some at Starbucks)

and in the same dish, you will add the Kahlua.

I recommend that you now take your dessert glass,.... which could be a plastic cup, like I have here, or a fancy wine glass, or even you can make one large dessert in a beautiful trifle...whatever it is, set up your ladyfingers, so you know how many you need and you can see how they will fit.

Then, you will take your "lady finger" (love that name!!!) and dip them one at a time into the Kahlua/espresso. Be forewarned, it is quite strong...and the ladyfingers soak up the liquid quickly. So, quickly dip them, you can do one side or flip to both...your preference.

Then, place them back in the dessert dish.

Now, take the white chocolate mixture and pout it into the glass, filling it to the top.

I happen to have a fancy-shmancy "ruffle roll maker", which is a solid piece of chocolate (milk, chocolate and edged in white)...that has a blade that goes around, making beautiful chocolate ruffles.

I then placed the chocolate ruffle on the top of my dessert....

I added some sliced strawberries, and here you have White Chocolate Tiramisu.

Refrigerate for 4-6 hours, and the white chocolate mixture will firm up.

I hope I was able to convey how truly simple this was. It took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. AND....I know I cant truly convey how DE-LISH this is!!

Special thanks to Sheila, our class photographer. She loved this dessert so much that she is going to make it again for Father's Day. Yummmm!


  1. Some of us might need portions. I'm sure I can sub something for that cheese stuff....and I think if you wanted to make smaller versions vanilla wafers would work...because I know Lady Fingers and Nilla Vanilla Wafers are interchangable.
    Oh, and I love white chocolate and dark chocolate.

  2. YUMMY!! Can I eat that through the computer???

  3. It all looks yummy!!
    I've just recently inquired about being a Dove Chocolatier. I haven't made my decision as of yet, but it is fun to see other girls doing this.
    I found your blog from another blog I was visiting. :)

  4. I stumbled across your blog as I blog-surf while my husband quietly snores on the couch.
    First: OH MY GOSH, my mouth is watering.
    Second: OH MY GOSH, where are you located (for real) because I'd love to have a chocolate party (I'm in Kansas City).
    Third: OH MY GOSH, how can I be a chocolatier?
    Fourth: OH MY GOSH, did I mention my mouth is watering????

  5. all looks yummy!!
    I've just recently inquired about being a Dove Chocolatier.

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  6. This sounds so unbelievable Kim! WOW!

  7. Hi may I know the portion for all ingredient ???


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